Objects Unlimited works to be part of the community by volunteering, teaching classes, and sharing our ideas on-line.  Watch this space for updates on what we are doing!


Scratch (4/20/2013) -     We are proud to introduce kids to computer programming at the Philadelphia Science Festival (4/20/13) through Scratch, a program developed by M.I.T. For more information about downloading Scratch, visit, For Scratch for Arduino, visit, For Panther, a versatile variant of Scratch, visit, or download it from our Dropbox here.
Solar Module Photovoltaic Workshops (3/18/2013) - I really enjoyed presenting the Photovoltaic Workshop for the NKCDC but wanted to show the math I started. Hopefully a few attendees read this and benefit from it. Promised Links are at end of post. A 16′x16′ patch of roof is equivalent to 23m, the sun produces 1Kw/meter/day but common modules produce at ~17%. This...