Joshua Johnson Sr.

             Many industries have intrigued me over the years. As a kid in Utah and Idaho, I worked summers building homes with traditional and nontraditional materials. When I moved to Philadelphia, I developed an interest in architecture, specifically alternative construction and high efficiency design. I worked as an independent contractor for a number of years before working for the aircraft industry as a facilities manager. When I was laid off in 2011, I decided to pursue a number of inventions I have designed in the past and also develop a business to help others do the same. My current focus is computer aided design and improving open source culture.

 Chassis only for Carnegie Mellon LADAR while at Piasecki.


The first few parts for the Piasecki WBBL “Turais”


Aquaponic Setup designed for a group here in Philadelphia. 


Organic soil processing facility for a Spring City, PA developer

 Mantle and surround for Main Line Client